Tolgard Games
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Who are we and where are we? and When for that matter

About us


130 Sylva Plaza
Sylva, NC 28779

Find us in the shopping center near Sav-Mor Foods, next to Kidzcare Pediatric. You can also try 130 East Sylva Circle in your GPS if the main address doesn't come up.

If you’re coming along Highway 74, take Exit 85 into Sylva. Sylva Plaza will be on the right as you enter Sylva. If you’re coming from Highway 23, take the highway up to Highway 74 and head east for 2 exits, taking Exit 85.


  • Sunday: 12pm - 10pm

  • Monday: 2pm - 10pm

  • Tuesday: 2pm - 10pm

  • Wednesday: 12pm - 10pm

  • Thursday: 12pm - 10pm

  • Friday: 12pm - 12am (or later)

  • Saturday: 12pm - 12am (or later)


Founded in 2017 by Mark and Melissa Ellersick, Tolgard Games is a friendly local gaming store that offers a wide selection of Board Games, Card games, and geek gear, as well as ample space for you and your friends to play any game of your choosing.

This geeky power couple knows the ins and outs of the myriad of tabletop gaming genres, so stop in and ask them what's up!

We are located in Sylva Plaza next to Kidzcare Pediatrics. Take exit 85 off Hwy 74. Sylva Plaza is located on the right as you enter town.